Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Welcome to "Promoting Ghanaian Writing"

Perhaps you've heard of the Commowealth Prize...or the Caine Prize...or the Penguin SA Prize for African writing. If you have, I'm hoping you've been as stunned as I have been that hardly any of the shortlisted writers are from Ghana. Which leads me to a very obvious question:


Could it be that:
1. Ghanaians can't write?
2. Ghanaians have no idea these contests exist?
3. Ghanaians don't have the supporting resources to enable them to contest for both the prestigious prizes (as mentioned earlier) and the lesser known (e.g. online) ones.
(notice I'm trying to be clever here with my use of Ghana's flag colours! Hit yourself if you didn't notice!)

I'm inclined to go with #3 although #2 is a possibility also. Ergo, we've got to do something about it and we are.  First off, a writing contest!

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